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"The absolute hands down, best weekend of the year"

Geoff S. 2017

"To get to spend 2 nights, bunking with my son, playing sports with my son, and bonding with my son- was a memory I will never forget"

"Singing camp songs at the nightly campfire was amazing! Then the smores- are you kidding me?"

Darryl S.   2019

Daniel S.  2014

"Most attention my son has paid to me in the last year"

Steve L. 2015

"My son literally cried in the car on the way home because he didn't want to leave"

Borris S. 2015

"It's amazing how much better my boy behaves without mommy around for 2 days- he was so easy!"

Anonymous( heard this all 6 years)

"To see my son away from his computer and enjoying the outdoors, was priceless"

Gregg M.  2013

"Getting to play a sport with my son, instead of watching from the sidelines, was the most fun I've had in years"

Wick M. 2017

"Sports during the day with my boy, followed by poker and beers at night with the dads- doesnt get much better than this"

Sam S.  2016

"My son literally grew up this weekend. Never seen him so independent and self sufficient"

David S.    2019

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